The Most Important Daily Question: What's in My Heart Today?

The Most Important Daily Question: What's in My Heart Today?

The reason it is important is because thoughts are more powerful than words. Thoughts, those lingering feelings in your heart, eventually surface in your reality. Even our head can't defeat them. If there is doubt in your heart, it will breed itself in others around you.

If there is love in your heart, it will magnify in your work and wealth. If there is anger and regret in your heart, you will breed it or attract it. So, I observe what is in a person's heart by observing the world they create around them.

I do not have to read inner wealth; I see it in the world people create. There's no use trying to create a different world when what's in a heart is toxic and angry. It's like pushing a big boulder up a hill. Eventually it'll roll back down.

To really make change in your heart you need to climb past your ego, that comfort zone that keeps old memories locked in. In addition,that is why you ask, "What’s in my heart today?"... Therefore, you know what memory is messing with your lifestyle, family, relationship and happiness.

There are dark hearts, warm hearts, soft hearts, and hard hearts. There are loving hearts and broken hearts. Sometimes we bandage a heart with clothes, alcohol, drugs or food. But beneath those bandages, the heart is still broken. It's important to get this one part of life right. Making our heart right.

Therefore, I would say there are good reasons to calm yourself each day by going into nature and observing goodness. In observation of beauty there is opening of hearts and in that opening comes goodness.

We cannot rely on yesterday's goodness to make today's goodness. Things come and go, energy changes, temperature changes, people speak, things hurt, winds blow and problems come up. Hence, there is no merit in trusting yesterday's heart to be today's heart. Each day, we must go to ground, back to zero and prepare our heart for today.

Go to nature in the morning before work or exercise. Just water the plant, pat the dog, check the garden, pick a flower, light a candle, do something to remind you that the universe and this world are beautiful places to be. And all the problems are just floating past they don't stick unless they get trapped in your memories.

Our memories are most unreliable. I don't trust mine. I remember my mother who died when I was just 3 years old and I have fond memories. However, those memories are not accurate;they have been purged of anything untoward, anything dark about my mum. Really, who wants to think badly about someone you love? So, my memories are what I want to remember, they are not real memories, they are my stories.

Stories last a lifetime. A nasty comment or a rejection by a loved one, broken trust or a pain we caused can anchor in a person's mind. My ex wife, of 25 years ago, still looks at me, and speaks about me with pain in her heart; she has never healed it, and probably never will. Such are the scars we cause and the karma we carry for our life.

What's in your heart today?

If there's someone angry at you, then there's anger in your heart. If there's someone loving you then there's love in your heart. If there's someone abusing you then there's abuse in your heart. It's easy to know what's in your heart, just look around at what people are doing with you. Then you know, and maybe can explore your stories because those stories are very unreliable.